Pauline Kennedy Solicitor

Pauline KennedyPauline Kennedy was admitted to the Roll of Solicitors in Ireland in 1980.
From 1980 until 1988 she practised in Ireland: initially in legal general practice gaining experience in litigation, district court work, probate, will and estates and later she moved on to commercial and corporate work and headed up the legal department of an Irish semi-state company.

In 1988 she moved to Canada to marry her husband. In 1992 she re-qualified in Canada as a barrister and solicitor and joined a well-known Vancouver specialist Family Law firm. Here she practised as a barrister in contentious family law cases involving many issues ranging from the usual ones such as custody, access and maintenance to complex structured matrimonial settlements for high-net worth individuals involving the apportionment of very substantial family assets including companies and trusts.

In late 1997 she returned to Ireland initially working on a consultancy basis for a Dublin legal firm.

In 2002 she opened her own practice where she places her extensive experience in Family Law at the disposal of her clients.

Personal and Professional Philosophy

Pauline’s twin aims in any Family Law case are to obtain the optimum settlement terms for her client while  minimising conflict escalation. Pauline prefers to deal with the practical, legal and financial issues in a calm practical manner. While not being willing to initiate sabre-rattling herself neither will she allow her client to be subjected to it. To this end she also participates in and is committed to a legal process called Collaborative Law which helps minimise the conflict between the separating couple.